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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower new and existing specialist medical practices to improve their safety, efficiency, and profitability through innovative strategies for staff performance and practice growth.



Practice Relocation

Practice Relocation

Whether you are an individual or complete medical practice, changing rooms, setting up for the first time, or expanding, Fiona and Veronica have got your back. (more…)

Practice Troubleshooting

Practice Troubleshooting

Want to work smarter rather than harder?  Billing in a mess? Looking for advice on how to streamline your Practice? Having difficulty keeping staff? (more…)

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

If you are undergoing change to new software, new premises, new staff or just have a big project on the boil, an experienced consultant can make all the difference.


Practice Services

Practice Services

Every now and then, a practice needs a hand to get back up to speed. Staff absences can result in backlogs in billing, delays in outgoing letters, and more. We can fill that gap and train your staff to keep it that way. (more…)

Medical Administration Practice Manual

Medical Administration Practice Manual

Don’t let all the day-to-day working knowledge walk out the door when you change staff. A comprehensive and up-to-date medical administration practice manual can keep your practice on track in times of change. (more…)

Staff Training/Genie Software Training

Staff Training/Genie Software Training

Well-trained practice staff are the heart of every practice. Good training is the difference between smooth, accurate billing and patient service and the chaos that can ensue when staff are unsupported. We provide training at all levels. (more…)


Our experienced consultants are based in Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne offering quality remote and face-to-face services Australia-wide.

Veronica Scoot – Sydney
Fiona Stopp – Adelaide
Nick Downing – Melbourne
Veronica Scoot – Sydney

Veronica Scoot – Sydney

Veronica is a keen troubleshooter who can assist across all areas of practice management. A Genie trainer from 2008-2018, Veronica has in-depth knowledge of Genie software and a passion for empowering staff at every level. With extensive experience in billing troubleshooting via ECLIPSE and Medicare, she loves the challenge of finding lost income and streamlining billing processes to maximise staff efficiency.

Veronica is a high-achiever with a wide range of skills in practice administration, training, medical billing and office management. Highly organised and innovative, she notices the things that practice staff miss, and has the ability to get them implemented. She is a natural leader and works well with any team. She can improve and develop processes to create outstanding outcomes – and never settles for ‘ordinary’. Her strength is her ability to think on her feet and find solutions. Throw your most difficult problem at her, and watch Veronica make it work.

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Fiona Stopp – Adelaide

Fiona Stopp – Adelaide

Fiona Stopp has installed, supported, and trained many Genie Practices, Practice Managers, and Doctors across Australia since 2003. Her experience is unparalleled. Coming from comprehensive background in finance, management in both community-based and private sectors, business , computer programming, training, web design, public speaking, lecturer (TAFEsa), and story telling, Fiona brings a unique perspective on all areas of medical practice setup and management. Her aim is to make the whole process a fun, productive learning experience.

Starting out in private practice or changing medical software can be challenging. Fiona provides outstanding guidance and the support required to achieve success. For those old enough to remember the TV show, “The Love Boat”, Fiona enjoys being your Julie McCoy, cruise director. When you have Fiona on board, you can relax and enjoy the cruise.

Maybe you are new to the role of Practice Manager. Maybe you have inherited a practice and need someone objective to review the integrity of the database. Maybe you just need someone to chat to and provide some guidance. Reach out to Fiona, she loves to talk.

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Nick Downing – Melbourne

Nick Downing – Melbourne

Nick is deeply passionate about helping people make technology work for them.  An impassioned and skilled geek, his computer and technical skills are matched by his inter-personal and communication skills. Nick is the rare combination of people-person and computer-person, fluent in both languages and passionate about helping both sides understand each other and get along. Perhaps think of him as a translator between the two worlds.

With a background in hardware, software, and staff training he can identify inefficiencies in any medical practice, of any size.  And then he’ll create the solutions to those problems.  In his 12 years in the industry he has worked extensively with all specialty types ranging in size and complexity; from solo practitioners to large clinics with 50+ staff, from setting up a new practice to helping a group of long-term colleagues go their separate ways.

Nick worked for Genie for 9 years, first as a trainer where his love of helping people find their ‘ah ha! moment’ took shape and then as the Vic/Tas state manager where he developed a broader picture of the medical software industry.  He then worked in sales for a leading medical IT/VOIP company for the past 2.5 years where he learnt what a critical role IT infrastructure and support play in the stability, security and scalability of a medical practice. In short, Nick can see the whole picture.

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Fiona’s ability to train new medical practice staff is amazing. She empowers the staff to ask questions and patiently adjusts the pace of the session to suit the recipient. Her knowledge of Genie software surpasses that of the Genie support desk operators on many occasions. I have utilised her to train half a dozen staff and will have her on speed dial next time an update or training is required.

Christine Burdeniuk – Consultant Cardiologist at SALHN and Magnolia Specialist Centre

Veronica has a great understanding of how practices run and how to use Genie to help reception and clinical staff get the best results. There is almost no area of our practice that will not be changing for the better after her visit.

Dr Ben Carew – South East Dermatology, Stafford QLD

I have known Fiona for many years. Her passion, enthusiasm, professionalism, knowledge and skills make her consultancy an asset for any organisation.

Deborah Bowes – Nurse

We have been users of Genie for a decade; it’s the backbone of our practice. Veronica has been invaluable in providing support and training. We would not have been able to utilise Genie properly without her superior practice management expertise and thorough knowledge of the program.

Dr Adrian Lim – Dermatologist and Phlebologist. uRepublic Cosmetic Dermatology & Veins

Provided real time solutions by working with the team, looking into our systems, providing a training manual. Identified billing and revenue opportunities to improve the bottom line. Veronica is a hands on passionate trainer. She quickly understood our problems and was able to provide immediate solutions as well as long term strategies.

Monique – Practice Manager, APC Melbourne

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