Get going with Genie Software!

Do you want to learn some Genie tips? Genie practice management software is a popular choice for specialist medical practice in Australia. It is not the cheapest option on the market – but you truly get what you pay for. The Genie software is the flagship product for Genie Solutions. This established Australian company is a forerunner in the medical practice software race with two key products in the arena: Server-Client Genie and the cloud-based Gentu products.

I have heard a few complaints about Genie being “limited”. That couldn’t be further from the truth! I have spent the last ten years working for Genie Solutions as both an installer/trainer and as the coordinator and author of their national group training program. I have an intimate knowledge of Genie and, now that I am an independent consultant, I am excited to have the opportunity to share a series of hints and tips that will help you to utilise the software to better advantage at all levels of your practice. Let me show you some great hidden functions of the software as I explore the gold-standard of practice management processes in Australia.

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