Veronica Scoot – Sydney

Veronica is a keen troubleshooter who can assist across all areas of practice management. A Genie trainer from 2008-2018, Veronica has in-depth knowledge of Genie software and a passion for empowering staff at every level. With extensive experience in billing troubleshooting via ECLIPSE and Medicare, she loves the challenge of finding lost income and streamlining billing processes to maximise staff efficiency.

Veronica is a high-achiever with a wide range of skills in practice administration, training, medical billing and office management. Highly organised and innovative, she notices the things that practice staff miss, and has the ability to get them implemented. She is a natural leader and works well with any team. She can improve and develop processes to create outstanding outcomes – and never settles for ‘ordinary’. Her strength is her ability to think on her feet and find solutions. Throw your most difficult problem at her, and watch Veronica make it work.

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