Staff Training/Genie Software Training

Well-trained practice staff are the heart of every practice. Good training is the difference between smooth, accurate billing and patient service and the chaos that can ensue when staff are unsupported. We provide training at all levels.

We offer:

Combined, Fiona and Veronica have over 25 years of high-end Genie software training skills as official Genie trainers. Now they are independent, they combine those skills with their extensive practice experience to provide gold star training for you and your staff.

Our training is:
• accurate and up-to-date
• methodical and easy to follow
• clear and concise
• comprehensive and tailored to the needs of the practice.

Plus, we will provide resources to aid maximum retention.
When a Practice Manager leaves and a receptionist or senior admin often lands in the practice management role. An excellent receptionist does not always have the right knowledge to fulfil this important and complex role.

We offer:
• advanced Genie skills
• financial and practice reporting
• assistance to build a robust practice manual
• understanding the scope of the practice manager's role in risk assessment, conflict resolution, and business development.
• maintaining compliance with regulatory bodies
and more...

We can help fill in the gaps to develop your staff into strong managers who will keep your practice running like a well-oiled machine.
Whether your bookkeeper has access to Genie directly or not, we can assist in identifying, setting up and extracting the right reports for accurate financial tracking, and teaching the relevant people how to use them.

Our processes can save practice time and build confidence in the accuracy of the financial data.
Doctors and nurses use different tools in Genie and often get the least amount of software training. There are some amazing built-in functions that will streamline your clinical documentation and improve your tracking and patient safety data. We can help you manage:
• recalls
• procedure templates
• item tracking
• referrals tracking
• product recalls
• clinical trials data
• research projects
and more...

Tell us what you need!
If your receptionist is either new to medical, or new to specialist practice, in addition to Genie Software training we can assist with:
• reception telephone skills
• time management
• email triage
• understanding medical billing
• understanding Medicare rules on referrals and consults
• interpreting the MBS
and more...

We can train your staff from reception through to practice manager to build a strong foundation of customer service, attention to detail, and good communication as well as teach them to use your Genie software to its full advantage.

We help your new staff hit the ground running with our comprehensive, quality training.

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