Practice Services

Every now and then, a practice needs a hand to get back up to speed. Staff absences can result in backlogs in billing, delays in outgoing letters, and more. We can fill that gap and train your staff to keep it that way.

We offer:

Are you losing income? We can perform a billing health check and train your staff to improve Medicare compliance.

Confusion around billing is the most common problem we find in every medical practice we visit. Medicare billing items can be confusing, not to mention the rules regarding referrals and initial consults. In busy practices, easy billing gets done and difficult tasks may be set aside and easily lost in the constant flow of new work. It might be due to any number of reasons, but there can be thousands of dollars tied up in unresolved Medicare or Health fund claims, and unpaid accounts.

It is common for doctors to rely on their staff to keep billing accurate and current. It is equally common for staff to rely on doctors to check the billing. Sound familiar? In the end income is missed, delayed, or, in the worst cases, lost altogether. Don’t let bad debt and inefficient processes hold you back. We can help you and your staff build robust, transparent processes that keep your billing up-to-date, proactively check for missing income, reduce bad debt, improve cash flow. and keep you on track in the event of a Medicare Audit.

The result is comprehensive billing and peace of mind. Get paid for the work that you do.
If your aged debt is spiralling out of control and your staff are busy with the day-to-day tasks, we can do the legwork to resolve your old Heathfund and Medicare accounts, as well as implement a new process for your practice staff to:
• avoid further unpaid services
• manage debt collection
• improve cash flow

We will get you caught up and teach your staff how to stay that way.
Want accurate and efficient ECLIPSE (health fund no-gap/known gap) and Medicare/DVA services but don't have the staff? It is the old chicken or the egg problem. You need support to do your billing, but you need the billing to afford the support! That’s where we can help. If you don’t yet have staff or software and you need someone reliable and accurate to keep your income rolling in, we can fill that space for you and then train your permanent staff.

If you already have software and have either been tied down to performing your own data entry rather than seeing patients, or perhaps have had recent staff turnover and just need someone to fill the gap for a short time, we can offer negotiated rates to see you through. Let us minimise your lost income and keep your cash flow happening while you focus on the other important tasks.

We will get you paid on time, every time.
Most practices underutilise their Genie software. Whether from our own stock of existing templates, or ones we create especially for you, we have the capacity to streamline your information collection and output to make Genie work smarter for you.

Let us show you how to capture consult notes, minimise typing, standardise your information collection for research purposes, and get your letters to write themselves. Yes, really!

Get the best out of new custom forms, checklists that integrate seamlessly with your letters, and customised reports. Get more from your Genie Software with someone who can do the hard work for you.

If you are ready to use the powerful Genie resources right at your fingertips, give us a call.
Need to set up some custom reports, or just 'want it done'? Let us help. Genie is a robust database with both built-in and custom reporting functionality that meets most needs, and we have the experience to make it happen with minimal fuss.
Sydney Practices - Have unexpected staff absence and cannot find a highly trained temp willing to take a short placement? No problem. If we cannot find you a solution through our contacts, you might be lucky enough to have Veronica help you out in person. Dependent on availability.