Practice Relocation

Whether you are an individual or complete medical practice, changing rooms, setting up for the first time, or expanding, Fiona and Veronica have got your back.

Setting up

Setting up a new practice sounds easy! Just find some rooms and hire a secretary, right?

What starts out as a great idea can quickly turn into an overwhelm of details when you are coordinating rooms rental (or purchase), budget planning, fit-out design and installation, equipment purchases, IT, Recruitment/HR, insurance, business registration, website design, Medicare and health fund registration, template creation, practice software installation and training, bookkeepers, staff training, plus coordinating and communicating with all the different suppliers, contractors, and business services that you will use. And meanwhile you still need to keep seeing your patients. So, rather than discover what you don’t know about setting up a new practice, let us fill in the blanks for you. We will project manage and ensure that all the details get done to your specification – on time, and within budget.

Are you ready to set up in private practice? Contact us to discuss your options.

Practice Expansion or Reduction

Refurbishing, relocating or expanding your practice is a big job filled with lots of little details. So is closing one. Beyond the work of your first set up, you might now be looking to create or join a group practice, offer session rentals, or take on partners. Or you might be looking to sell your practice, reduce your workload for personal or health reasons, or to retire. Our project management skills and practice experience can manage any change, big or small. Reduce the overwhelm, attend to the details, and get the outcome you desire. Let us help.

Relocating Session Rental

Independent session rentals are both numerous and hard to find! You want rooms that suit your style, speciality and needs; from the BYO staff, to the full service options. We will help you to find the best fit, negotiate terms, and then make the move. Our support includes migration of patient data, coordinating the accurate setup of your details, managing the crossover period, website update, patient and referrer notifications, social media and more. Whatever it takes for a seamless transition from one location to the next.

Planning a move and don’t know where to start? Whether you want a full service move or just a little help, talk to us.