Consulting Services

If you are undergoing change to new software, new premises, new staff or just have a big project on the boil, an experienced consultant can make all the difference.

We offer:

Your Genie software is full of amazing features to help you work smarter, not harder. Being paperless means everything is at your fingertips, no matter where you are in the world. It makes it possible to work from anywhere, reducing the time you need to spend in the office, and improving your patient safety. There is no need to be worried about the change. There are ways to stage the process to meet your requirements, minimise staff stress, and take the opportunity to identify and improve outdated practice processes with minimal disruption.

Let us carefully stage your transition from paper files to a fully paperless office to create a positive and painless change for you and your staff.

WILL reduce your time at the office
WILL improve patient wait times
WILL improve letter processing times
WON’T spend more time with your computer than with your patients
WON’T lose patient records
WON’T need to learn to type

We have a sensitive approach to change that will be guided by the level of ‘paperlessness’ that suits you and still let you do things your preferred way. Once you have seen what being paperless can do for your practice, you will never look back.

Get the full flexibility of your practice software to work to your advantage and give you back your valuable time. If you are new to the Genie family, or never made the transition to paperless when you were first installed, contact us for an affordable quote and do it now.
Have you ever wondered what other practices do? We have seen hundreds of medical practices in action across all specialist areas and can apply that knowledge to your practice. You can gain the benefit of other's experiences and tweak it to your own unique way of working.
With excellent troubleshooting skills we spot the gaps and offer practical solutions already tested by others.
A project is any defined outcome that has multiple dependencies and multiple contributors. A project can be a change of rooms, practice set up, recruiting, or indeed any practice activity that requires constant supervision. Any project, large or small, benefits from an experienced eye and some dedicated time. Whether you have already started, or don't know where to start, if you don't feel you have the time or the expertise to manage your practice project, then let us help.

Our strong eye for detail and excellent decision-tree processes will keep the job rolling and manage any unsuspected pitfalls, with great documentation to keep you in the loop. We can get the job done to your specifications.
Changing practice software can be more than just a logistical headache. At best it can cause staff to be miserable enough to leave, and change the practice atmosphere. At worse it can cause a huge loss of patient data, and loss of income.

Your software vendor will do their best but their job is to make the transfer happen, not to consider all the nuances of the change on your practice. Whether you need significant handholding to a perfect outcome, or just an extra pair of experienced eyes to ensure things progress successfully, we can provide you with whatever support you need. Give us a call to discuss.
Opening a new practice? Merging with or splitting from an existing one? Moving towards retirement? Whatever big changes are in the wind, we have you covered. Having someone in your corner to have the tough conversations, track the little details, and to make sure that common sense prevails is worth its weight in gold. You may not think that a certain contract clause is important...yet. Or be concerned that the architects plans have the doors hung a certain way...yet. But we are. We will ensure that your dreams manifest and that the outcome lives up to your investment.

Our experienced staff will help you minimise disruption, maintain (and even improve) practice compliance and income, and manage the details – small and large, no matter how big the task.